Steam Greenlight, Unity and Steam API

Now that Steam Greenlight is out, might I ask if someone noticed somehow if the Steam API is still needed around or not?
Also, I might guess if there’s an actual way of using the Steam API directly into the Unity game’s code instead of paying 100 bucks for the Steam API Framework on the Unity Asset Store?

Actually, Ludosity’s Steamworks Wrapper should do pretty much all you need. And it’s free.

There is no Steam API access in Unity. Greenlight changes nothing, it’s just a way to vote for games. You need to use plugins to access Steam, which requires Unity Pro. If you don’t want to pay for a framework, you can program it yourself, but it’s likely you will spend far more time on it, and as they say, time = money. Also, if you’re accepted on Steam I doubt you would be concerned about spending $100. (You don’t need to do the Steam integration first, you can do that later.)