Steam Overlay crashes the game on certain macs

We are using the Ludosity Steamworks wrapper for our game. On certain (I estimate about 5-10%) macs, the game crashes soon after startup. If a user disables the Steam overlay, it fixes this issue for 90% of users.

I simply have no idea where to start looking for a solution to this problem. Are other people having a similar issue? Which error logs can I check for clues? How can I confirm that the app is setup correctly for Steam?

What is happening exactly. We use the wrapper also and on some macs (I believe ones with dual GPU) using the discreet gnu on startup there’s no unityGUI on the first scene. Then on the next scene it’s fine and from there on it’s fine. We couldn’t find where the issue is coming from as there’s no error or anything in the logs.

I’ve ben using the Steamworks.NET wrapper for my game and it works fine.