Steam SDK works in Unity Editor but not when I take the build and add it to steam.

Hello, as the title says, the SteamWorkshop package works in the Unity Editor and connects to my steam account, but it does not work when I take the build and add Steam.

if (!SteamAPI.Init())
            Debug.LogError("Steamworks is not initialized.");

Can't get below here.

And in addition to this question, I would like to ask you this question.
When I develop a game with Steam, it connects to one of my accounts. How can I connect to my 2 accounts from a single computer and test the game? I am waiting for your answers on this subject.

Thanks in advance

Paste the "steam_appid.txt" file from your Unity project to the build folder.
The "steam_appid.txt" should contain only one line - the ID of the Published Steam App. If you are in the testing stage and have not published the game yet, set 480

About the second account - I installed the Oracle VirtualBox with Windows on it and installed Steam on it.

9776895--1401639--steam_appid.txt (3 Bytes)