Steam VR controllers becoming hidden after steam button pressed

I’ve ran into a issue while using steam vr controllers.

The controllers are working all fine and such until the user presses the steam menu button (bottom button on the controller) or the headset button. It then turns into a hidden object and will never return back from being hidden.

See Editor before steam button image

See Editor after Steam button image

I had this same issue and found a fix.

My issue was that I had the controllers registered as ‘objects’ in Steam VR_ControllerManager in the Unity Editor, in addition to assigning them as ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in that same script.

Removing them from the ‘Objects’ array fixed the issue for me.

The issue was showing as:
Press SteamVR Button

My controller becomes: “hidden” → “hidden (2)” → controller

Press it again

My controller becomes “hidden” → controller

i.e. SteamVR would hide it twice, and then unhide it once. Presumably that’s a bug on their end, but my setup was also incorrect per their (poor) documentation:

public class SteamVR_ControllerManager : MonoBehaviour
	public GameObject left, right;
	public GameObject[] objects; // populate with objects you want to assign to additional controllers

@PunyOne @Alanyeats hope this helps.