Steam VR: Two Eye Setup.

Objective: Setup SteamVR [CameraRig].prefab so that it has a left and right eye.

Issue: When adding a second eye and changing the target eye to “Left” and “right” with the corresponding cameras, only one eye is visible. The other eye does not render and the VIVE appears black on that side.

Purpose: I am using Planar Reflections that renders to each camera. Because SteamVR is using a center camera, the reflection is duplicated/incorrect in both eyes. If the current eye target eye is switched from “Both” to “Left” it only renders in the left eye but the reflection is correct. same for switching it to the right eye with right eye rendering and correct.

Failed Attempts at Fixing This:

  • Created with [CameraRig] instead.
  • Child the second camera to the first.
  • Changed Depth to 0 & -1
  • Duplicated the entire head and switch target eye
  • Switch VRCamera Target eye to left/right every frame. (works but ghosting occurs on head movement.)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am having the same problem.