SteamVR and canvas interaction?

I am starting out using SteamVR V2.2.0 and I am having trouble finding a tutorial on how to point a controller at a world-space UI and interact with it.

Does anyone know of a tutorial that works well with world space UIs and SteamVR?

  1. Create a normal button
    2. add a box collider component to it
    3. scale the box collider to fit the button (depth needs be > 0).
    4. add the interactable script component
    5. add the UIElement script component
    6. add functions to the UIElement event box.

Need your help about the UI Interaction:
(Unity 2019.2, SteamVR 2.2, Oculus S)

I work with UI Buttons, and it’s work ok
But when I add them a Scrollbar, the scrollbar doesn’t move it’s self and the UI Buttons that Content to him.
Am I missing something here or it has to be the same action that I do with the UI Buttons with add box collider & UI Element when I’m using the UI Objects with steam VR