SteamVR Circular Drive reversing

I am trying to make a car with the steering wheel using the Circular Drive script from SteamVR. However, when the car is turned 180 degrees with the steering wheel, for example, turning to the left, turning the wheel to the left makes it turn right. I actually lost the code but i found a GIF that sums it up perfectly:

alt text

The ships wheel starts to turn right although the mouse is being dragged left. This seems to be a glitch with this code in the CircularDrive script:

in: private Vector3 ComputeToTransformProjected( Transform xForm )
toTransformProjected = Vector3.ProjectOnPlane( toTransform, worldPlaneNormal ).normalized;

in: private void ComputeAngle( Hand hand )
float dot = Vector3.Dot( worldPlaneNormal, cross );

Hi. Give this a try:
Worked for me.