SteamvR circularDrive on titled objects resets the all transform rotations on load and interaction

I am trying to use the circular driver to rotate objects which are tilted. For example, imagine you have a stove or dishwasher and it has dials on the back splash.
washing Machine image

The dials are not sitting flat. They are neither horizontal nor vertical but tilted at an angle.

The trouble is that using the SteamVR CircularDrive.cs sets all the dials to a rotation of 0.0.0 on load or when interacted with to insure it can use vector 3 rotation around a local axis that matches the global axis. I however want to rotate quaternion around the local tilted axes. It seems like something the script should do without needing to write a new script so i am hopping I am missing something simple but for the life of me I can’t get the object to rotate as desired.

I loaded the mesh multiple ways tilted, strait zeroed out, etc. I pre tilted the object with a script and made it reset its rotation on load but as soon as I touch the dial it rotates back to a 0.0.0 rotation or it rotates in world space instead of local space in spite of the scripts tool tip stating that it uses local space.

Has anyone fixed this? I tried Rotate object based on rotation of SteamVR Controller? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions but I couldn’t get toxxicxmodz script to work at all?

Thanks for any input you may have.

I have no idea what changed here but I tried this again today and it worked fine. Perhaps a code update from Valve or perhaps an error on my part in the past; either way its working now.