SteamVR Hand Slim is offset from real controller location, but only on the Valve Index.

There is a menu pointer that appears at the correct location (tracked controller location). However, the default SteamVR prefab vr_glove_model_slim is very offset, and follows it like a child (because it is). I’ve tried all the options in the glove prefab, and even made a script that put the hand model to the controller model (which is at a correct location), and the issue persisted.

hand bug in editor (INDEX) - Album on Imgur video.

I was also seeing this issue, and accidentally found some information that may help. But other’s may have some more in detail.

I found this that prefab is set up as a controller. So it will track in 3D space exactly the same as the original controller models on the prefab. So by parenting it to your existing controller it is taking your tracking information and applying it to that child. Instead leave it as a child of the [CameraRig] and it will behave as expected.