SteamVR : How to get the transform of controller ?

I’m working on a VR(Steam Valve) project. I noticing that in some collider events ,the rendering hand skeleton transform is not referring to the player’s hand in real world.

I check all the code attached to the GameObject(“Player/SteamVRObjects/RightHand”),and found nothing fit my need.

So, how can I access to the real transform of player’s hand.

I use this (needs a pose action in the controller actions “Pose_right_tip”).

SteamVR_Action_Pose poseActionR;
poseActionR = SteamVR_Input.GetAction<SteamVR_Action_Pose>("Pose_right_tip");
vPosition = poseActionR[SteamVR_Input_Sources.RightHand].localPosition;
qRotation = poseActionR[SteamVR_Input_Sources.RightHand].localRotation;