SteamVR - intermittent freeze of scene in HMD

I’m working with Vive, and a few weeks ago my game started intermittently getting a frozen scene in the HMD that moves with the hmd. i.e the whole scene moves with the HMD (very nauseating!). I went back to a commit from before it started happening, and it’s happening with that too.

I’m using Unity 2017.2 on windows 10 1709, with steamVR 1.1.4

When this happens and I try to drop into the debugger (visual studio), I get a system call and can’t seem to drop into my app anywhere. I can get the name of the system call it drops into the next time this happens and I’m ready for it.

Edit: I’ve now seen it also happen on at least one Steam-released game: Space Pirate Trainer.

Any suggestions off the bat? I can send me info as may be needed. Thanks for any help!

BTW is there a vr-dedicated unity forum hosted by unity? I saw it mentioned somewhere but haven’t found one.


So I updated to the latest nvidia drivers (417.35, I believe), and this problem hasn’t happened since! I’m hopefully it’s fully fixed. I had thought I’d run an update some weeks ago, but it looked like I still had a really old driver, so the updated hadn’t worked, or I was just imagining things.