[STEAMVR] knob to turn and increase / decrease values?

Hi, I am currently making a virtual experiment using SteamVR

and I’d like to know if I can make a knob

where I can use my Vive controllers to turn,

which will in turn increase / decrease values in my game,

and also have that value that I manipulated show up on an in-game display (not UI, but like on an object).

If this is too weird, can I also have a UI on SteamVR (the vive headset?) cause that’d be sweet.

thank you, dear wizards.

I’ve used the free VRTK, there’s a test scene there with a knob script (VRTK_ArtificialPusher)

I’m not sure tho how to make the interaction with the knob have an effect in the scene aside for the value display, like turning a light on and off