SteamVR loading screen/compositor showing up buggy (white walls)

This is Unity 2017.1.1f1, working with SteamVR for the Vive. When switching scenes, the standard loading screen/compositor view shows up (the dark blue/greyish gradient room), but not completely. Parts of the “walls” (above the player, below the player and some of the sides) are white. Sometimes the whole leading room shows up after a while, sometimes the scene loads before it fixes itself.

I can’t take a screenshot, because the buggy view only shows up on the HMD display - it looks correctly on the Display Mirror.

When I try to implement a custom loading screen (plain color, different skybox), the same thing happens but with the new skybox in the background beneath the white walls instead of the standard view.

I already reinstalled SteamVR and the bug persisted through different Unity versions.

citing Rknudsen:

Hey, It appears that the Overlay housed in the Player prefab for SteamVR is the culprit. if you disable the gameobject labeled Overlay located at Player > SteamVRObject > [Status]> Overlay. It appears to “fix” the weird buggy “walls” that appears on loading with steamvr_loadlevel. Hopefully, we’ll get a real fix for this soon from Valve

While not a “real fix” it’s a solution for this problem.