[SteamVR Mixed Reality] Quadratic View Only Show Black Screen

I followed this tutorial to make a VR game using SteamVR : tutorial

and it worked. Now, I want to add Mixed Reality Support into it by using SteamVR external camera prefabs. I have add it to the project and create the externalcamera.cfg in the root folder of my project. When I connect the third controller, it triggered the Quadratic View but the view only shows the black screen without anything. Anyone knows the problem ? thanks before.

Unity version : 5.6.1f1

SteamVR version : v1.2.1


Hey mate, I experience the same issue, and have it working.

Note though, by fixing this i’ve introduced other issues (involving scene transitions, and have had to put some workarounds in for that)

But here’s how I got the 3 quads to start showing.
Take the external camera out of the CameraRig, have it in the root

Remove the [SteamVR] object altogether
and configure the Controller (third) the same way you would’ve configured the steamVR object

I’m using Unity 5.6.2f1


Hi stack86,
i got same problem, but i can’t still fix itfolloeing your method…
can u describe a bit more …