SteamVR Photon Disappearing Objects Issue

I have found a few other posts related to this issue and it seems they never fully get resolved. I am using SteamVR’s Interactables and Photon to attempt to make a multiplayer VR experience. Everything seemed to be going okay. Players can connect, everyone’s hands and heads are being tracked over the network. No issue there. Everyone can pick up objects and place them wherever they want, also no issues there. For whatever reason, when objects are picked up, the person picking the object up can see it being held on their side but no one else can see it in their hands.

I have made a few observations, one being that SteamVR’s system childs the object to the hand that is grabbing it, but in the editor I can see that if another player attempts to pick up an object, the object does not get childed to their hand on the observer’s side. I can also sometimes watch the objects flicker around in space underneath the map until set back down as well. I have also written script that gives ownership to the player that is holding the object.

I have seen people making posts about the rididbodies from the host and the client conflicting and causing issues like this too… Without too much explanation on how to fix it…

I am a novice in Unity but a pretty experienced programmer. I have just exhausted every option and need some assistance. If anyone has any ideas about what to do, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I was able to find the problem. SteamVR childs the grabbable object to the hand that grabs it so every other client just got the raw local transform of the object and placed it at the origin without being childed. A simple RPC to child it and dechild it upon grab and release fixes everything. Just figured I’d leave the solution here in case anyone else hits this problem!