SteamVR skeleton poser with circular driver?

Anyone know how to get the steam VR hands to show up with a pose while interacting with the circular driver?

If you use the circular driver with hover lock you can get some nice interactions for opening doors, turning a steering wheel or positioning a lever etc. However the hand just looks like a fist or fly swatter. You can hide the hand so it doesn’t look stupidly out of place but I can’t get it to use the skeleton poser that works so well on items with the throwable or linear driver.

Any ideas?

P.S. the topics section of the forum is having issues. It says I have to add a topic but wouldn’t let me type in anything or select anything but “Strange loC” from my mobile. I removed that topic and added Steam and VR from my computer later. Not sure where to report this?

I tried the following code and other similar versions trying to hook into the hand and intractable script to bring up the pose but none of it worked.

using UnityEngine;
using Valve.VR.InteractionSystem;

namespace Valve.VR.InteractionSystem

    public class PoseInteractableHand : MonoBehaviour

        protected Vector3 attachPosition;
        protected bool attached = false;
        public Interactable interactable;

        // Start is called before the first frame update
        void Start()
            interactable = GetComponent<Interactable>();

        private void HandHoverUpdate( Hand hand )
            if (hand.IsGrabbingWithType(GrabTypes.Grip) && hand.hoveringInteractable == GetComponent<Interactable>()
                && GetComponent<SteamVR_Skeleton_Poser>() != null)
                //hand.HideController(); //Leave this to the Interactable script
            } else

The closest I have come to getting a desirable result is to use the SteamVR throwable script with the attachment flags set to parent to hand and velocity movement in conjunction with a hinge joint. Then the Intractable and Skeleton Poser show the hand properly but the hinge has a bit of wobble to it, moves to fast, and some times slides when released. It may be useful for some cases but its not a real solution to the issue.