SteamVR/Vive: how to allow free teleportation on terrain?

I’m new to Unity and SteamVR. Have an HTC Vive, and been following some VR tutorials, especially this one: SteamVR Locomotion and Teleportation Movement - Unity3D.College

Got basic teleportation working to points and areas, but how do I allow the player to teleport freely around my terrain? I’ve tried adding the “Teleport Area” component to the terrain, but no luck.

Do you mean like Minecraft … tp x y z? A command you type in? Several methods come to mind but what exactly do you want/need?

The quickie way (without the curved teleporting line) is to use two scripts in the SteamVR plugin from the asset store:

  1. Be sure to use the camera rig prefab from the SteamVR Prefabs folder (delete all other cameras and fps).

  2. Go to the right or left controller inside the camera rig.

  3. Add two components/scripts to the controller: SteamVR_LaserPointer and SteamVR_Teleporter.

  4. Check the teleport on click in the SteamVR_Teleporter.

  5. Select the terrain in the dropdown menu of the SteamVR_Teleporter component.

The scripts are found in the SteamVR → extras folder

Steam vr 2 doesn’t seem to have SteamVR_teleporter.
I got teleporting on terrain by adding a mesh renderer component and a teleporter area script to my terrain. Also I had to uncheck the “marker active” box in the teleporter area