Steamworks integration

Hi guys,

How can I integrate steamworks sdk into my unity 5.0 game? I’ve used Ludosity’s
Steamworks Wrapper but I’ve got to the point where the CallbackStructSiz
eMismatchException error occurs. In the documentation of Ludosity is written that
the only solution is to write them back:

“This is a result of the struct in C# not matching the one in C++ from Valve, and this is an error on our side. This error is quite common around new versions of the wrapper, when Valve change the structs and we don’t change ours.
When you receive this error you are prompted to report it (we may automate this in the future), make sure to also say what version of the plugin you’re using and on what operating system this occurs”

But no one is answering. How do you guys handle this?


Take a look at Steamworks.NET
Steamworks.NET - Installation
I haven’t used it yet my self but seems the most direct approach; I do see some traffic on its Issues forum so I assume it is still actively supported
Issues · rlabrecque/Steamworks.NET · GitHub