SteelSeries Nimbus Gamepad D-pad Not Recognized

I can’t figure out how are mapped d-pad buttons on the Nimbus gamepad.

I tested all buttons and all axes, but the d-pad didn’t responded for any of them.

Can somebody help me please?

For all struggling people, these are the key-mappings.

WTF1: Nimbus Gamepad has different mappings for Android and for iOS. If you’re like “WTF is this!?”, your feelings are perfectly acceptable.

WTF2: I have contacted SteelSeries support and they told me that Nimbus is not supported for Android devices, so that’s why the D-pad is not recognized.

“bX” means “button X”, “aX” means “axis X”. Enjoy!


  • A: b0
  • B: b1
  • X: b13 (Really, Apple? Thirteen? That’s what you got?)
  • Y: b2
  • left stick X: aX
  • left stick Y: aY
  • right stick X: a3
  • right stick Y: a4
  • left bumper: b3
  • right bumper: b14
  • left trigger: b4
  • right trigger: b5
  • D-pad X: nothing !!!
  • D-pad Y: nothing !!!


  • A: b14, a15
  • B: b13, a14
  • X: b15, a16
  • Y: b12, a13
  • left stick X: aX
  • left stick Y: aY inverted
  • right stick X: a3
  • right stick Y: a4 inverted
  • left bumper: b8, a9
  • right bumper: b9, a10
  • left trigger: b10, a11
  • right trigger: b11, a12
  • D-pad left: b7, a8
  • D-pad right: b5, a6
  • D-pad down: b6, a7
  • D-pad up: b4, a5

how do I add this to input settings? more details would help. thank you

I’ve been at this for a couple of days trying on and off to make this work, but I can’t work it out :confused:
Can somebody please elaborate a little more on how to add the above buttons/axes into script/input manager?

The control stick works fine with the axis, but the rest just does not get recognised by anything I do.