SteelSeries Nimbus not compatible?

I recently purchased a SteelSeries Nimbus controller and connected it to my Unity game. Unity would not recognize the inputs of the controller besides the MENU button, the left joystick, and the right joystick.
Is this a problem with Unity or am I just doing things wrong? I’ve tested basically every axis and input but I’m thinking that this controller isn’t compatible yet. I am on the latest version of Unity.
I even used a script like this:
public void Update()
foreach(KeyCode kcode in Enum.GetValues(typeof(KeyCode)))
if (Input.GetKeyDown(kcode))
Debug.Log("KeyCode down: " + kcode);

and the only button to show up on the controller was the MENU button. I even tried using inputs from and they didn’t work.

I’m using OSX by the way.

Please help with my problem ASAP so that I can continue my project! Thanks!

The controller is compatible with mobile devices only. If you want to read what buttons work, built a version to the device that somehow does show the info on screen.
I’ve been developing a game with gamepad support and there was no way around it. We used InControl though. Great plugin and comes with a scene to build which does just that.

Provided you own an iOS device, download Unity Remote from the App Store and and pair your Nimbus to it. The app will act as a bridge between your joystick and Unity.