Steering wheel roll in wrong direction

Help me please!
I’m working at a trucking game and I have a problem.
In my game, when I press left or right button, the steering whell will be rotate on z axis.
All great, but my 3d model of steering wheel is not rotating right.

Also, the moving and rotating axe is not right…
What can I do?

Check out this:

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.

As @nsxdavid suggested, the coordinates of the model likely don’t match Unity coordinates. You can “fix” this problem using an empty game object. Place the empty game object at the center of the steering wheel with the orientation you want (i.e. if you want to rotate around z, then make z the axis of your steering point with the empty game object). Make the steering wheel object a child of the empty game object. Then put the steering script on the empty game object. It may take script fixes as well. Post the script here if the empty game object does not fix the problem.