Stencil Shadows

I am trying to create some stencil shadows that would be projected on the ground. My goal is to make it look like some clouds are forming shadows that would be moving across the ground. My problem is that I cannot make my own shadows. I open the default blob shadow in Photoshop, and if I make any changes to it whatsoever and save it, it won't project the image on the ground.
Is this a pro only feature?

Any suggestions?

Works perfectly fine for me - drag in blob shadow projector prefab from standard assets, open the texture, draw something on it, save - it works. This does not require a Pro.

What are you seeing after doing the modification? Just nothing? Is the texture itself updated in the inspector?

By the way, these shadows are called projected shadows (stencil shadows is a completely different thing).

Make sure that: your shadow texture consists of a white square with black for the shadow in the middle, and in the Import Settings for that texture, "Build Alpha From Grayscale" is checked.

I knew stencil shadows wasn't right...
Just couldn't think of what it was called. :lol:

Anyway, I had forgotten to check build Alpha from grayscale when I imported.

Thanks for setting me straight.