Stereo Camera Culling in XR Interaction Toolkit with Oculus Quest,

So I am developing an app in the Oculus Quest and need to display a 3D image that changes based on viewing angle, so the eyes already need to see slightly different images for this to work. I tried rendering the image for each eye, and then only making it visible to one eye through culling, but I am stumped at how I can adress individual eye cameras with the XR Interaction System. It does not have any options for per eye cameras as far as I can see, and OVR Camera’s Per Eye Cameras still don’t work with the Quest, so I am stuck with XRInteractionToolkit.

How can I apply custom culling layers to each eye there?

We would also love to know a solution to this as we have the same problem.

Could anyone please provide input on this? I am unsure if stereo rendering is possible with XR Interaction Toolkit. If it is possible, how is it done?