stereoscopic effect not appearing in panorama 360 degree VR application in unity

I have some panorama 360 images. I have developed sample application for Gear VR in Unity.
I have followed the steps provided on the Samsung developer documentation.
The problem with my application is that it does not give stereoscopic effect (means depth effect).
It shows the image wrapped in inverted sphere.

panorama image is not supposed to have depth. Stereoscopic effect is about having different image on your two eyes, and panorama image is not doing it. It’s supposed to be the skybox, and sky is far away from you so it has no difference between your two eyes. If you really want to give it depth, you can apply the image in a small sphere, but the user will feel they are trapped in a sphere. Or a very big hemisphere. I actually have a project with VR feature, that put the panorama cube map into a hemisphere and get the feel of depth