Stereoscopic Images/Panoramas with Oculus OVRCameraRig

the previous way to create stereoscopic images for Oculus with unity requires two cameras on leftEyeAnchor und RightEyeAnchor of the OVRCameraRig.
Full description here(I just use 3D rendered stills, no video)

With the newest OVR CameraRig of the Oculus Unity integration kit this seems impossible because there is only one camera on CenterEyeAnchor. This does not allow me to do it the way I used to.

Do you have an idea how to do it now?

Parent the two cameras to the OVR rig.

In the OVR Camera Rig script check the option Use Per Eye Camera.
The in the OVRCamraRig set the Culling Mask for the LeftEyeAnchor and RightEyeAnchor to your left and right layers respectively. You can ignore the CenterEyeAnchor because you set Use Per Eye Camera.