Stereoscopic Output does not work with NVIDIA 3DTV Play on LG Cinema 3D Screen

Dear Experts,

I am trying to build a game (Test Example: Just a red cube on a green plane) to be viewed with PASSIVE 3D Cinema Glasses on an LG TV.

It works perfect on my Rift, it works perfect on the standard screen. The NVIDIA demos and calibrations also work fine, as does the NVIDIA 3D Benchmark.

If I start the game (I have tried windowed, Full HD, 1280*720 among others) the view is strange (like a 2 D view for xy, has the red/green colors of the cube/plane) on the left eye and nothing on the right. All other platforms / outputs show the expected default perspective view of the main camera - cube on plane.

a) has anyone successfully connected a passive LG screen to unity with NVIDIA ?
b) does somebody know what and how to configure on the unity/driver/lg side to make it work ?
c) has anyone successfully connected an ACTIVE TV set (Samsung, Panasonic,…) to an NVIDIA Graphics card with a unity game ? (If yes, how … )

Any advise more than welcome …

Best regards

(Test Machine: Windows 10, latest NVIDIA, latest Unity, i7/3.4Ghz/32G RAM/Geforce980/LG60"TV)

i spent 2 hours trying games with that bullshit nvidia 3dtv play 14 days trial (i have a gtx 750ti connected to a LG 55C6V 3D TV.

It’s completely buggy bullshit ! There is only the medical test image and GeForce logo that worked.

I did not have any problem with MKV 3D in 1080p. Set my desktop to 4K@60fps4:2:0 for the rest (2D movies).

So…Just remove that bullshit 3D TV Play from nvidia…

Hoppefully my prefered cars game works very well in 2D_to_3D conversion by the LG TV.