Stiff Ragdolls using Unity's default ragdoll generator

I’ve done a number of different ragdoll generation scripts, trying to get a ragdoll to simply spawn on an enemies death, and look normal.

But after trying to figure out why the ragdoll just doesn’t look right, I realized I think it’s the ragdoll itself. It seems stiff, as in the joints just don’t bend fluidly. I’m using a temporary model downloaded from the asset store, rigged well and using the Unity ragdoll creator. But when the ragdoll spawns, it just looks like it’s arms and legs are just stiff, even the torso is stiff. When thinking back on previous projects where I’ve tried to use rag dolls, the same thing happened, but it wasn’t as obvious since the game wasn’t first person.

Is there a simple way to “loosen” up the ragdoll? Or has anyone noticed this as well? Should I use a non unity ragdoll creator?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I know this is an old question but I just came across this one myself and this was one of the first search results I found when I was searching. What I did to fix it was add a higher limit to the “Swing 2 Limit” variable of the armature I want to loosen up.

  1. Click on the gameobject that holds the “CharacterJoint” component.
  2. Open the “Swing 2 Limit” and add 20 to start off with. Too much? Play around with it at runtime to see what you would like to set it to.

Hope this helps.
Note: If your ragdolls are stretching look at this answer that helped me. Stiffness and stretching tend to go together with ragdoll effects: