Stop animation interruption

I have a walk cycle animation and an animation of my character lifting his weapon to fire while walking.
I am worried that when the player presses the button to fire and instantiates the weapon lift animation my character will perform some awkward footwork as the animation changes.
Is there a way to cue the second animation to occur after the walk cycle finishes?

Check out Avatar Masks

Avatar Masks allow you to isolate parts of a model’s anatomy, allowing the rest to ignore an animation. So while the arms are playing the lift animation the feet are playing the walking/idle animation.

Edit: I also just realised you tagged it as 2d, check out this question that may help with the issue in 2d. Is there something like a 2d equivalent to the avatar body mask? / Any way to create an animation for an arm attacking that's independent from the body (in 2d)? - Unity Answers