Stop ball clipping through rotating rigidbody?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make a simple Pachinko game, where balls are dropped and they bounce around and land in different buckets at the bottom.

I have spinners with that are meant to bat the balls away, but instead the balls clip through them.

There is a rigidbody component on both the spinner and the balls. The spinner has box colliders, and the ball has a sphere collider. The spinner rotates via Rigidbody.MoveRotation() in FixedUpdate().

Here is the video:

Tried every bit of advice I could find online:

  • Lowering the Fixed Timestamp
  • Changing Collision Detection on both ball and spinner
  • Rotating the spinner by transform.Rotate().
  • Increasing the spinner fin size (ball still goes through!)

Any help you can spare would be much apreciated!!

I was able to reproduce your problem. I also found a solution. You just need to mark the Rigidbody on your spinners as isKinematic. Then the calculations will be performed correctly. Most likely, this works for all objects with a Rigidbody, the movement of which is carried out only through the script.