Stop ball rolling off wall but bouncing off

ok so basically i am doing a golf like game and the ball rolls when i add force to it, the problem is that as the ball slows down and bounces of a wall it tends to roll of the wall in the wrong direction rather than bouncing of slowly in the right direction.
I’ve tried adding frictionless material to just the wall but doesn’t work also tried messing around with angular velocity and angular drag, it seems i need all 3 things to get the ball to roll correctly but can’t get the correct bounce.

note… when i first take a shot and the ball has a lot of power it does seem to bounce correctly.

thanks for an help

so basically because of the roll it doesn’t bounce of the wall at the correct angle that it should! (if rotation is off it works fine, but i want the ball to roll)

I Found out the answer for anyone thats also having this problem! what i did was change all of the physics materials ‘dynamic friction’ and ‘static friction’ to ‘0’ and set friction combine to ‘minimum’!! this stops the ball rolling altogether then to get the affect of the ball rolling without going up walls and rolling in the wrong direction is to use gameobject.rigidbody.addtorque(Direction); this gives the spin affect on the ball :slight_smile: