Stop body poking through clothes - custom shader maybe?

I’m creating a tool that can generate different characters, male and female with different clothing, hair and accessories. With it you could generate a different looking character in seconds, inside the unity editor! I’m using Mixamo’s Fuse application to create the characters and clothes.

Because I’m using Fuse to create the characters, there are some “issues” with the way it exports it. When I export it creates transparent space on the body wherever clothing is.

So what I did was export a naked base model then I exported the clothed model and removed the body from it. But now I get the boobs and other body parts come through the clothing.


Does anybody know how I can fix this? Because there are pants, shoes, gloves and shirts that can be swapped around, I cant just leave the original body active because if I swap long pants out for short shorts then there will be half the leg invisible.

I think a shader is the way to go. Some sort of way to detect if a part of the body is penetrating and not render that specific space. But if that’s the case, Ill need some advice on were to start looking as I don’t know allot about shader scripting.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’m still not sure on the right answer but it seams to be leading to a shader. I was messing with the script of the basic shader, something about V"soemthing" to “always” etc if you know what I am on about. I did not get it to work but it is meant to render things over something regardless, like a text shader.

So maybe I could do that but I can see issues in the future with multiple characters.

Did you solve this? and how ? @Original Gamer