Stop deletion of the terrain object using Destroy.

I’m using

                        RaycastHit vHit = new RaycastHit();
						Ray vRay = camera.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition);
						if(Physics.Raycast(vRay,out vHit,50))
							Debug.Log(" deleted.");

to delete objects in game and it works fine until you miss the object and delete the terrain, and fall to your doom.

Is there a smarter way of filtering out the terrain object than just throwing in an extra if statement checking for the name at every click?

Several ways to do it.

Tagging is probably the easiest to implement, simply use an if to check if the tag is the terrain. Trouble is you still calculated a RayCast against a mesh collider, which is kind of expensive

Using a layer mask to specify layers to ignore is likely the more efficient solution. Check out the documentation here and here.