Stop particles from dying?


I’m trying to get some mist / fog particles for my game. I’ve created this intially with the Particle System component and adding a smoke texture. As can be seen from the attached image. I have it looking roughtly as I would like, the only problem I have is that the particle rise up and die, therefore causing more to be emitted and make a strange appearing effect. (You wouldn’t expect fog to do this)

Is there any way to either make the particle reach a certain stage and tell them not to die anymore (Via script?)

You could set the startLifeTime to 99999.

But a nicer way is just to give them a longish life. As Berenger wrote, use a slow fade, combined with a very low spawn rate (if they live for 20 seconds, spawn one every 20 seconds.) The “I fade out, while you fade in” interaction makes the fog seem more fluid.

Making a nice-looking particle system is an art, and takes practice.

you can actually type “infinity” into their lifetime, it will display as a number, but in actual fact your particles will never die.