Stop player momentum carrying over when using a 'portal'?

(ha. just noticed the title made a referance, i did not intend for that to happen...)

So I'm using these teleporter type objects in my platformer game, that, when you step inside them they translate the player object 200 units up to another set of platforming objects (it's a long story why i do this, but it's the key game mechanic and i need to keep it intact). While the player is being moved, i turn off the player controller script and camera look scripts (i'm using the prefab first person controller scripts), and turn them back on when the player finished being moved.

The problem is, the player seems to regain all the momentum it carried when it entered the portal, which means that if they were moving fast enough or had leaped into the portal, they end up falling off the platform after being teleported. Would anyone know of a way to stop this from happeneing? the script is a little over my head, and i've tried to understand it, but i have had no luck =/

EDIT: I found a variable in the CharacterMotor script named velocity (it's a Vector3), which seems to be storing the velocity when the charactermotor script is disabled. It's under a class CharacterMotorMovement and has the @System.NonSerialized. If I got rid of @System.NonSerialized, can i access this variable and how? Sorry, I don't have a lot of scripting experience and my attempts


aren't working, I get a NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Figured it out >.< I was disabling the character motor script entirely, instead of using the static variable canControl. When i use the canControl variable instead, the script keeps running and does not store the movement velocities and such.

Although I am still curious, how would I have accessed the velocity in the script?