stop player movenment

hi guys i have encounter this very big problem. i found this script in forum under how to stop a script for a while? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

function OnTriggerEnter (collision : Collider)

if (collision.gameObject.tag == “Player”)
print(“HELLO”); }

i creating a cube object and when the player hit the object the player suppose to stop moving for a few seconds,the collider is working but the third person controller script is not disable. i try access to the thirdpersoncontroller but it still not working.should i put enabled to the thirdpersoncontroller but how ? the third person controller i using is from the lerpz tutorial.thank you so much if some one could help me.

I think your problem is that the OnTriggerEnter function only works when one of the object has a rigidbody attached. (I don't think that the third-person-controller uses a rigidbody)

You can read more here:

I haven't found any way to use colliders without rigidbody, but you can try to make a dummy rigidbody that is controlled by the character-controller!