Stop the Audio when Player Leaves the Trigger?

I am fairly new to Unity but have just hit my first big hurdle. :frowning:

At the moment I have a house model in Unity and when I walk in, my trigger activates an audio (see below)

function OnTriggerEnter(other: Collider){
  if (!audio.isPlaying){

I just don’t know how to edit the code in order to cancel the audio when the player leaves the trigger.

I’m sure for those skilled in Unity this would take approx 5 seconds to answer.
Would really appreciate any help!

Kind Regards


Would the following work for ya?

function OnTriggerExit(other: Collider){
  if (audio.isPlaying){

hmmm… unfortunately not…it still keeps playing when i leave the trigger :frowning:

but thanks for your quick response!

UPDATE it worked!!

It wouldnt let me post another comment below so I thought I would edit my last one! :slight_smile:

Thank you. There must have been a bug with my current model as it wasn’t working, so I tried starting a new scene and the code worked fine!! Thank you for all your help!

Do you have a rigidbody on the player?