Stop the lasers from keep bouncing

So I’m using the script found here: Unity Raycast Reflection but I can’t get it to stop bouncing. I’ve tried using a simple:

if(lastHit != "OutWall") {
	//the reflection direction is the reflection of the current ray direction flipped at the hit normal
	inDirection = Vector3.Reflect(ray.direction,hit.normal);
	//cast the reflected ray, using the hit point as the origin and the reflected direction as the direction
	ray = new Ray(hit.point,inDirection);

	//Draw the normal - can only be seen at the Scene tab, for debugging purposes
	Debug.DrawRay (hit.point, hit.normal*3,;
	//represent the ray using a line that can only be viewed at the scene tab
	Debug.DrawRay (hit.point, inDirection*100, Color.magenta);

	//Print the name of the object the cast ray has hit, at the console
	Debug.Log("Object name: " +;
	//save the last hit object
	lastHit =;

	//if the number of reflections is set to 1
		//add a new vertex to the line renderer

	//set the position of the next vertex at the line renderer to be the same as the hit point

But adding my lastHit variable doesn’t seem to be working.

Could you guys take a look at his script and determine where I should place my “If OutWall is hit then don’t continue bouncing” if statement

Thanks so much for your help!

This was correct, I was using a tag instead of the GameObject’s name