stop unity from losing data

Several time now I have saved and closed my scene and project, and 2 of the 3 I do this when I reload the project most of the assets are gone but still in the folder and even remporting them doesn’t fix the problem . It also effects the backups. Please help I don’t know what could cause this. By the way I’m using unity 4. Thank you.

Enable the meta files and try again:

It sounds like a problem viewing them. The settings in the Project area are a little funny. You may have clicked some view option by mistake. Try playing around with 1-column / 1-column, clicking around … and you’ll probably find the Assets.

This may be a long shot but make sure that you are not moving any textures or objects to different folders from outside of Unity. For instance, if you move a texture from a folder called mytextures into a folder within that one called bricktextures, you have to do it through the Unity Editor otherwise it does not understand where the item has gone to. It continues to look for the item in the mytextures folder. In the case of assets it would claim the meshes were missing etc as well due to this.