StopAllCoroutines() stops coroutines in other scripts? -- Other behaviours ??

Hello there. Simple and quick question.

The definition of StopAllCoroutines() is :

Stops all coroutines running on this behaviour.

This means it will stop all coroutines in all MonoBehaviour scripts? including scripts attached to other objects?

If answer is YES. I’m not very good at scripting knowledge (learned by my own, i do a lot of complex things, but dont have the base knowledge). Is easy/simple to use another kind of “behaviour”? Or maybe is a stupid question? Some kind of tutorial manual where i can learn about that?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance.

When you run StopAllCoroutines(), it will only stop coroutines that are in the same script so other scripts won’t be effected.

As far as documentation, there’s some info in the Unity documentation if you haven’t already read it.