Stopping Server Deallocation

Hi everyone!

We are developing a game where players would be able to stay connected to a GSH server for extended periods of time. While knowing that instances can be stopped and deallocated when no clients are connected, we would also want to give users the ability to connect and stay for as long as they wanted.

From what we’ve seen, the current TTL for matchmaker-instantiated servers is 1 hour. After this time, clients are kicked and the server shuts down, returning to the "Available" state. We assume this is the intended behavior.

We have come across posts on this and similar forums mentioning that Unity Support can manually extend the server lifetime for certain fleets if asked. However, we suppose these extensions are typically limited to durations of like 24 hours, 72 hours, or even a week. But if we wanted to allow for truly unlimited uptime, what steps should we take?

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hello Marco, from what you describe, a new solution we're building (currently in closed beta) may be a good fit with what you try to accomplish here. Can you reach out to us at or DM here in the forum so we can discuss more and learn how to better support your use case?


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