Stops detecting continuous keyboard Input after the first scene change to that scene.

When using WASD or Arrow Keys to move and continuously press one of the buttons and the scene changes Unity does not continue to detect the input in the newly loaded scene. This causes the player object to stop still in the newly loaded scene. You have to let go of the key being pressed and then repress it in order to continue moving in the same direction.

This however is not always the case. If you go back and forth between the same two scenes the issue disappears, after having been present the first time the second scene was loaded, the movement becomes smooth and the input is continuously detected as needed as long as you just go between the same two scenes. If you then go into a third scene the issue of input detection comes back.

For the input I am using Unitys Input Manager functions, an axis for horizontal input, that’s placed on my Player object. The Player object is persistent between scenes.

I am also using a controller. A wired XBOX controller and this issue is not present at all when using the controller, the input detection is completely sound.

Any help with this or just an understanding of why this might occur would be greatly appreciated.

Did you find a workaround?
I would like to detect MouseInput between 2 scenes.