Store a Copy then Destroy Scene Objects

Hi, is there a way to take a gameobject from the scene and store it into the list of a script? Then after that, destroy the scene gameobject without destroying the one in the list? Here is some code to illustrate my problem.

public List<GameObject> items;    // A list of GameObjects
GameObject obj;                   // Let this be the GameObject from the scene
public void Example(){
    items.Add(obj);               // Store it in the list
    Destroy(obj.gameObject);      // Now destroy the object in the scene

The problem I’m having is that the object stored in the list is destroyed when I call the Destroy() object. Its like the scene gameobject and the object stored in the list are the same.
Is there a way to make a separate copy of the scene gameobject, store it in my list, then destroy the scene gameobject without affecting the one in my list?

No it is not possible. Because when you add an object to a list (or any container) it store only the reference of the object (basically the same object).
So when you modify one, you modify all the other one.

One thing you can do, is instead of destroying your object is to disable the gameobject


and when you need it again to re-enable it