Store map as int array and load/save

I have a game map stored in an int array. I want to be able to store this int array and load it to determine tiles in my 3d game level. I am not sure that storing this int array in a file is safe, as someone can just copy say Level 1 and rename it to Level 99 to complete the level.

What is a safe way to store an int array created by a Random.Range set of values for future use? I need to be able to load and save these maps.

Use ScriptableObjects!

By default it’s serialized as a binary asset, but you can save/load it as json (or any other format) during development.

This talk is realy interesting: Unite 2016 - Overthrowing the MonoBehaviour Tyranny in a Glorious Scriptable Object Revolution - YouTube

Also you can read more information here: