store positions in array

I want top store my car Positions in an array so that i can use them to reset my carafter crash but i am unable to do this.
this is my code

Vector3[] positions = new Vector3[10];
void Start()
	StartCoroutine ("CrashCheck");
private IEnumerator CrashCheck(){
				yield return new WaitForSeconds(1);
				positions [n] = car [GameCOnstant.carNumber].transform.position;
				n += 1;
			n = 0;

when i debug my positions it alwasy display(0,0,0).

hey @zereda-games thanx for your reply. Gameconstant contains the value of selected car number. my question is that i want to store my car position in every second. so that when the car is crashed i can reset my car on some previously saved position.