Store words in an array as a list,I am trying to make an interactive list in unity how would I go about storing the data in the list

I need to make a list where the user can input a word and have that word displayed on a list.
Then I need each word to have a button next to it and when you press that button it deletes that word from the list.

I wanted to store the words in an array but I’m struggling with the logic of that.

Could anybody suggest how to tackle this problem?

Hi @awesomepants1116, To give you an informed answer we need more information.

It depends on how you need the list to behave.

  1. Does it need to be sorted?
  2. How do you think you will display the contents of the list?
  3. What if the user enters a word that already exists, do want it in the list twice?
  4. What if they enter, for example, “ok” and then “Ok” - what should happen?
  5. What else?

These are details you should edit into your original post. Whether you use an array, a list, or a dictionary or some combination, and how to handle them will depend on details such as this.