Storekit for games build for websites

This might be an obvious question, but I have this great idea for a game which run on a website dedicated to the game. But I am having some trouble, figuring out how I would implement a storekit into the game. I know for iPhone and other smartphones, you can buy plugins from the asset store, but what do you do to implement it for a game built for a website. Is there a plugin for it, or do you have to use another kind of billing service?

You mean In-App Billing or Microtransactions for PC/Desktop/Webplayer? There is no ecosystem for that (or in-game ads) as far as I know.

Your best bet is to embed it into a website, then put ads (Google or other) outside the frame. I believe sites like Kongregate pay you ad revenue if you upload there.

i never really figured this question out either but i did a lot of research before i started my last game. first of all saving any info to a users device or hard drive just simply does not work if you are building for flash or webplayers. that’s that. firewalls just dont allow. i have read that unity can call simple funtions to a web address data to write. but how to do that is not a question for the unity community. it would require very advanced knowlege and coding on your webserver to regester users and allow portians of data to except incoming requests…way over my head anyways.

so unless your gameplay truely depends on it, i would say for get about it.

my current project relies on the players building there own levels. they can save them to there hard drives and send the levels to other online players. players can even get listings of whats in other players gamedata folders once they connect. the sky is the limit when using standalone builds. before i started my project i did some reserch and none of this sort of thing is possible with webplayers. sorry for the bad news.