Storing currency, one-time events etc.


What is the best way to store coins, one-time events (such as welcoming presents) and IAPs so that they don’t vanish if the user deletes the game from their phone?

Is saving them to a binary file enough to keep them stored in all circumstances?


To clarify: Does Apple require the game to have some kind of storage for In-App Purchases if the user deletes the app?

For example I buy 10 gems in Clash of Clans and then delete the app. When I download the game again do I still have the 10 gems?

And also for example I download Clash of Clans and as a welcome present I get 10 gems. What prevents me from re-downloading and getting 10 more gems each time?

Google Play games has the builtin cloud save feature, which is easy to implement through Unity’s social platform.

Last time I check Apple doesn’t have a cloud save that can be implemented through Unity’s social platform features.

You could use Parse, but it does have a bit of a learning curve.