Storing information in an empty game object

I think this is a really easy question but I don’t know the simplest way to achieve this.
I have 4 blocks, 2 blue and 2 red. There are 3 empty game objects (Towers) where these blocks will be stacked - the end result should be both blue in one tower and both red in another tower.

How do I store the location of the blocks in the empty game objects (i.e. which tower it’s in).
It has a set starting position, it isn’t randomly generated.


To “sotre” information in objects, you need to create a script…

You know about scripting? It’s something game developers do to make games… “JOKE :D”

You need to create a script, attach it to the tower In the script create and store all variables you want, like transform.position for the tower position in the world coords. Then, if the scripts are in the towers, you can create Vector3 variables called blockPosition1, blockPosition2 … using the transform.localPosition of the tower, to definde the position of the cubes relative to tower position

PS: If you are asking this, maybe you need to watch some tutorials before commence using Unity…