Storing information in an object

I am in the process of making a game, where there will be randomly generated a lot of planets. Atm. I’m making the “proof of concept” and are using spheres to represent each planet. When you click a planet it is selected and various information are to be shown on the gui, like name, planet type, size, etc.

My question is: How would I go about storing the information “in” the spheres? Attaching a script to contain the values won’t work if I random generate a lot of planets.

I’m not sure why a script shouldn’t work… That’s actually the only way. What’s the problem of attaching a script that holds the additional information? You can even add the script via script (AddComponent). What kind of information do you want to store and where will this information come from when you create them randomly? I guess it wold help when you can go a bit more in detail what concept you have in mind.