Storing questions/answers for a multiple choice game

Hi all,

Noob here :slight_smile:
I was wondering what recommendations you would have about a good way to store a sizable amount of questions (and answers) for a multiple-choice type game.

If it were just 10-15 questions I might hard code them, but if I want to have many more, I imagine there’s a better solution.

Maybe in to an array?
Could I create some type class to define each question/answer?

Thanks, any help or pointers are appreciated!

Here's a very simple example of how you would create a class named Question.

It demonstrates how you would use a for loop to initialize the array full of dummy values.

It then tests the data by printing a bunch of labels with a for loop.

I'm sure there are errors... I just typed it up real quick.

If there are no errors, you should be able to use this script as is.

A more practical approach would be to get rid of the Start function (it's only for an example) and define your questions in the Inspector.

If you add that script to a GameObject, you should see a slot in the Inspector named Array Of Questions. You can populate this by entering a size then typing text into the slots named Question Text and Answer Text for each element in the array.

Hope this helps.

var arrayOfQuestions : Question [];

class Question
    var questionText  :  String;
    var answerText    :  String;

    /* example constructor (creates a Question from two params) */

    function Question ( q : String, a : String )
        questionText = q;
        answerText = a;

/* initialize the question array in the start function */

function Start ()
    arrayOfQuestions = new Question [20];

    /* use a for loop to create dummy questions */

    for ( var i = 0; i < 20; i ++ ) {

        var someQ : String = "Question number: " + i;
        var someA : String = "Answer number: " + i;

        /* use the example constructor from above */

        var freshQuestion : Question = new Question(someQ, someA);

        arrayOfQuestions *= freshQuestion;*
_/* test it */_
*function OnGUI ()*
 *var labelRect : Rect = Rect(200, 200, 300, 30);*
 *for ( var thisQ : Question in arrayOfQuestions ) {*
 *var txt = "Q: " + thisQ.questionText + " A: " + thisQ.answerText;*
 *GUI.Label(labelRect, txt);*
 *labelRect.y += labelRect.height;*